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As you would expect, Beyond delivers all noteworthy and timely information about CogitActive. Yet, this blog brings more than news and updates. In keeping with CogitActive guiding principles, it offers helpful, engaging and informative content. Its tagline – The making of CogitActive and beyond – says it all.

Currently, Beyond features The CogitActive Saga – a long, involved story that chronicles my podcasting journey. From the creation of the website(s) to the launch of the podcast(s), learn about the many incidents and achievements that have punctuated this adventure.

An inside look into how to podcast

Initially created to recount my podcasting venture (almost live), Beyond offers more than a basic account of this journey. Granted, I launched myself into this endeavor with zero experience whatsoever. However, as someone whose business is the pursuit of knowledge, I spend a lot of time delving deep into the intricacies of podcasting. Furthermore, in order to podcast, I had to learn new skills – more than I had anticipated.

Podcating involves mulitple disciplines: sound engineer, composer, graphic artist, web-designer, writer, among others.

There is more into podcasting than just hitting the record button and talking into a microphone.

I believe that by sharing my experience, I can shed light on the process and help others to make informed decisions.

What set this blog apart from the how-to-quick-and-easy tutorials?

Beyond provides a real-life experience perspective with in-depth posts articles. Conforming to CogitActive modus operandi, I have studied every aspect of a problem – gathering and reading all possible information on the subject matter – in order to take the most informed decision possible. CogitActive being committed to excellence, I look for the best way – not the shortcuts – to reach a desired result.

Yet, this thorough approach relies on other sources of information and the Internet is filled with far too many self-proclaimed experts who provide misleading information. I am a neuroscientist – not a sound engineer nor a web-designer (few examples among the many specialized skills required to podcast). Unquestionably, it is not easy to figure out which sources are trustworthy when you are not an expert on the subject matter. There were some trials and errors. Still, Beyond discloses mistakes as well as accomplishments.

Still not convinced?

Beyond strives to provide insightful information – not just hints and tips – each article covering a specific topic of interest. In doing so, I hope it will become a valuable resource for anyone who is interested in…

Everything about setting up a podcast from start to finish.

Everything about creating and maintaining a website.

This blog is a work in progress. The above list of categories will expand as CogitActive evolves; yet, Beyond will always be for anyone who aspires to know (more).

So… check it out now – whether to follow The CogitActive Saga or to pick and read a particular post – because the best way to know what this blog is about is to…